Mike Baur's Thoughts On Why Swiss Startups Lead the World in Innovation

If you ask anyone who is familiar with the tech startup scene in Europe, they will likely talk about Zurich and other Swiss urban centers.

Developing a multi-faced culture


The French culture is a multi-faced one. It is diverse because it is founded on various social pillars. The country has fine wine and food.

France Tops the Soft Power List

President E. Macron

France is winning on all fronts since they elected Emmanuel Macron as their president. Recently, the nation was recognized as the top soft power across the globe.

Emmanuel Macron Goes back on his Word

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron seems to have solutions for everything.

French Military General Resigns

Gen. Pierre de Villiers

Emanuel Macron was recently challenged by the chief military officer of the French military.

Equities First Holdings Thrives: UK Transaction Update and 15th Anniversary Statistics

Equities First Holdings is a company that was established in the year 2012.


Latest News

Paris Protests Israeli PM's Visit


Britain's exit from the European Union is on the verge of becoming reality.

Bastille Day Parade

Although First Lady Melania Trump didn't appear fazed by it, President Donald Trump's so-called flirtation with France's First Lady has been ruffling some feathers.

President E. Macron

The EU got some big news earlier this week when France and Germany said that they would work together in the future. The two countries have had differences in the past over defense issues.


France’s president, Emmanuel Macron and his prime minister, Eduard Philippe, have embarked on an ambitious plan to bolster the country’s economic position in the wake.