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Gilead Sciences expecting blockbuster sales of hepatitis C drug Sovaldi

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 08:52

Stock price of biotechnology major Gilead Sciences surged 36% this year, thanks to blockbuster sales of Sovaldi, the hepatitis C drug the company launched last December.

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Maryland’s two-week firearm deer season to start on December 1

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 08:37

Two-week firearm deer season will kick off in Maryland from December 1 and will continue till December 13.

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Fierce Sea Creature Caught on Video for First Time

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 07:59

For the first time, a nightmare-inducing sea creature that became famous in 'Finding Nemo' has been captured on video.

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Different life forms could exist on Saturn’s Moon Titan, even without presence o

Researchers have revealed that there are good chances for a new type of methane-based, oxygen-free life form to metabolize and reproduce akin to life on earth. A team of researchers modeled the hypothetical cell membrane, which comprises small organic nitrogen compounds. What should be noted here is the ability of the cell membrane to function...

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