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Embracing Sensuality With Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette

Man of Many often writes about items for men. It could be clothing or products that men can use on a daily basis. There are times when Man of Many wants to write something for women so that they can feel just as important as men in today's world. Honey Birdette recently launched a New York Collection of lingerie for women of all sizes so that they can feel beautiful while in the bedroom or while out in public with the lingerie on under the clothing.


Macron’s First Real Test - The Legislative Elections

Next week will mark the commencement of an intense campaign period for the legislative seats in the French National Assembly. The stakes are high for all parties, with the elections coming shortly after the recently concluded presidential elections. For President-elect Emmanuel Macron , this will be the first major hurdle in his new post as he seeks majority that will assist him in achieving his policies.

Is French Unemployment Really As Bad As They Say?

It's been publicized that 25 per cent of young French is unemployed. A quarter of the population being unemployed is not only a huge portion but also twice the levels of unemployment when compared to nearby UK and Germany. Different sources claim this unemployment to be a sign of poor leadership by the French president, a desperate economy, or a sign that France's youth are lost. But this figure may be slightly misleading as more needs to be discussed before understanding how the French youth are doing.

Losing Candidate Marine Le Pen To Scrap "Frexit"

After losing her presidential election bid, Marine Le Pen is unlikely to continue pushing for a French exit from the European Union and the idea of replacing the euro with the franc. As the newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, plans for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Le Pen's Front National party continues to analyze the heavy defeat at the polls. The defeat ended up being much bigger than many polls predicted. The next month will see parliamentary elections taking place and losing parties have a chance to regain some control in the country's politics.

How Bad Is the Youth Unemployment Problem in France?

Multiple surveys report alarming unemployment rates among French youth, with as many as one in four finding themselves jobless.

An article in the Financial Times stated that youth unemployment in France is "twice the levels" of the same demographic in the UK and Germany. It even submitted that the issue caused many young French people to vote for Le Pen in the recent election.

Emanuel Macron Fight for Labor Market Changes

One thing is indisputable at the moment, Emanuel Macron is the president of France. To achieve this feat, he promised the French people a lot of things that he will deliver in the next four years. True to his word, he has begun the process of transforming France by going through the promises he made with his advisors.