France Prepares to Benefit from Brexit


Ile-de-France, which is the region where Paris is located, currently hopes to be offered 2,500 jobs that will be transferred from Britain due to the Brexit.

French Nationals Prepare to Exit Before Brexit

As a result of the Brexit referendum, many French citizens in the UK have begun pla

Focus on the Fear Expatriates have Over the Uncertainty Caused by Brexit


As much as the British Government is doing all it can to assure French nationals living in the country of their rights being guaranteed even after Brexit, most of them are ready to leave.

French Republican Politician Michel Bernard Barnier Thinks The Brexit Talks Should End Due To Deadlock On The U.K. Exit Bill

financial settlement

French Republican Politician Michel Bernard Barnier is the European Union’s Chief Negotiator.

France’s First Move in the Looming Brexit Job Race War

In a move that is likely to underline the pro-business reform agenda of the recently elected president Emmanuel Macron, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a raft of new tax initiativ

France’s Plans to Capitalize on Brexit


Edouard Philippe is the prime minister of France. He said that they would be announcing new policy measures in the next few days.