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Changes in Calais


Calais, roughly 3.3 kilometers from the southern shores of the United Kingdom, was most recently a staging area for thousands of migrants hoping to find permanent homes in Britain.

Forest Fires in Southeast France

Forest Fire

Corsica and regions of southeastern France are on the brink of recovering from dangerous blazes that scorched thousands of hectacres.

Fire On The French Riviera


Wildfires have created dangerous conditions in many parts of southern Europe this summer.

Proposed Budget Cuts Sink Newly Elected French President Macron's Popularity


President Macron of France has run afoul of a catch-22 that has trapped countless politicians since the days of the Roman Empire.

Emmanuel Macron Popularity Going Down

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron seems to be losing the popularity he once had when he was elected the President of France.

The Conspicuous French Culture

The Conspicuous French Culture