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Change of Attitude by Emmanuel Macron

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron is known for many things, but arrogant has never been one of them.

Macron Visits the Devastation in St. Martin

St. Martin

After Hurricane Irma swept through the beautiful island of St. Martin, many of the island's inhabitants lost everything they had.

Macron Inundated with Text Messages After Number Released Online

President E. Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron was apparently bombarded with text messages and at least a few late-night phone calls after

How to Preserve the Chartres Cathedral?

Chartres Cathedral

Even great pieces of historical significance are always changing, which can make it complicated when it is time to restore them.

Emmanuel Macron Travels to St. Martin Islands

Saint Martin

There is good news for the residents of St.

The Making of Great Power with Emmanuel Macron

President E. Macron

Since Emmanuel Macron became the French president, he has always had a point to prove.