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Woman Fakes Being Kidnapped

Sometimes, people will go to extreme lengths to be with the person they love.

Le Pen Loses Immunity in Islamic State Picture Issue

Marine Le Pen,

The leader of the National Front Party in France, Marine Le Pen, had her legal

French Filmmaker Awarded Honorary Oscar

Agnès Varda

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded Agnès Varda an

Arrest Of Chakib Limane


Terrorism is highly prohibited in most countries; any material related to dread is considered life-threatening hence individuals connected are considered to have committed a criminal act.

French People Are Urged to 'Go Flexitarian' - What's That?

Go Flexitarian

Beouf Bourguignon and Coq au vin are dishes a flexitarian may dream of but will rarely sink their teeth into except on rare occasions.

Paris Mayor Plans to Dismantle Big Wheel

Place de Concorde

First, she cancelled the yearly Christmas market.