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Emmanuel Macron in Greece

President E. Macron

When it comes to the European Union, Emanuel Macron is seen as the next leader.

Muslim employees sue airport for discrimination

Muslim Guards

The case of four Muslim security guards who are claiming discrimination is now making its way through the French court system.

Kate Middleton Wins Settlement Against French Magazine

In 2012, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge had her privacy violated when

Macron VS. The Unions

President E. Macron

Former investment banker and current French president Emmanuel Macron is moving ahead with his plans to reform French pension schemes.

Alps Murder Remains Unsolved Five Years Later

Five years ago the bodies of Saad and Iqbal al-Hilli, Iqbal's mother Suhaila al-Allaf, and cyclist Sylvain Mollier were found on a quiet road near Annecy.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Scheduled to Open in November 2017 to Showcase Spectacular Artwork


Louvre Abu Dhabi has picked November 11, 2017, as the day it opens its doors to the public.