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French Innovators Making Headlines


Emmanuel Macro recently said that he wants France to be a country of innovators and launched a program to award researchers and entrepreneurs with a visa to France.

Macron Wooing US Scientists to "Make Our Planet Great Again" From Franc

President Macron

Following up on an unprecedented press release by the Élysée Presidential palace, this week's announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron of a new website may seem like a taunt toward United S

The French Presidential Cycle; Will it go on With Emanuel Macron

French President Macron

The French people are used to the presidential rhythm. The rhythm consists of optimism that comes with every presidency where the president promises to transform the economy.

Emmanuel Macron Reiterates that the UK are Still Free to Remain in the EU

President Macron

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron said that the UK was still eligible to stay in the European Union despite plans to exit.

Emmanuel Macron Evokes Comparisons to Other Young World Leaders

President E. Macron

At 39 years of age, Emmanuel Macron is the bold, brazen leader of a new political party—En Marche—and the new president of France.

Emmanuel Macron's Allies Take France by a Landslide in Parliamentary Elections

President E. Macron

The first round of voting in the French parliamentary elec