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Emmanuel Macron Travels to Switzerland

President E. Macron

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is expected to touch down in France in the coming few days.

Overhauling the Budget and the Government

President Macron

President Macron has taken France's economic commitment to the European Union more seriously than his predecessors and has proposed bold moves in an effort to keep the deficit below the European Un

Change in Labor Laws in France

If there is something that has always pulled France down is its labor market.

New French Government Pushing for Market Reforms to Create Economic Flexibility

Overtime, France has developed one of the strictest labor markets in the world. In other words, companies must meet a host of regulations set by the government itself.

France Plans to Ban All Petrol and Diesel Vehicles by 2040

France will aims to end production of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, according to the

French Health Officials Hope to Discourage Smoking


Since the detrimental impacts on health of nicotine-laced tobacco cigarettes became widely known several decades ago, many governments around the world have acted to limit smoking in order to help