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Political Change in France

President Macron

France is a nation that has a long and rich history. For many years, France was one of the major powers in Europe.

Emmanuel Macron Appoints Edouard Philippe as the Next French Prime Minister

President Macron

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron named Edouard Philippe as the new French Prime Minister in a statement released by Elysee Presidential Palace.

Macron extends French welcome to US Climate Change Scientists

President Macron

In light of US President Donald Trump’s recent withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron officially offered U.S.

Another Homerun For Dallas Based Philanthropist James Dondero As He Aids In Bringing Back Hippos To the World Famous Dallas Zoo

Without a doubt, the name James Dondero has grown popular and loved by Dallas and Fort Worth residents.

Canadian Doctors Like Cameron Clokie Are The Innovators Behind The New Era of Regenerative Medicine

Heavy increases in obesity have led to an epidemic of various heart diseases, including cardiac arrests and even strokes.

David Giertz Says Financial Advisors are Failing by Not Talking to Their Clients About Social Security

According to David Giertz, a former president of one of the biggest insurance providers in the country, a majority of fin