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Emmanuel Macron Popularity Going Down

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron seems to be losing the popularity he once had when he was elected the President of France.

The Conspicuous French Culture

The Conspicuous French Culture

Emmanuel Macron Unveils His Remarkable Vision to Promote Rapid Economic Changes at the Versailles


President Emmanuel Macron recently grabbed the headlines during the launch of his extraordinary vision before Congress in Versailles.

Macron's Budget Cuts Cause Tension


Newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron has continued to unveil budget cuts that aim to reduce the French deficit and keep the country in line with European Union guidelines.

Scientists Flock to France

Climate Change

One month after Emanuel Macron invited scientists to apply for a work visa to France to research on the climate change, thousands of scientists have applied for the program.

Social Pillars that Unite the Country of France


Social Pillars that Unite the Country of France