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France Faces Growing Butter Shortage

Butter Shortage

There is no question that France loves butter. From traditional croissants to tasty éclairs, French pastries are packed with butter.

French Women Are Working For Free Until The End Of The Year

French Women

According to a study by Les Glorieuses, a French feminist collective, women in France will work for no pay from November 3rd until the end of the year. That’s a 40-day gender pay gap protest.

Tariq Ramadan Accused of Sexual Assault

Tariq Ramadan

A Muslim feminist activist has formally accused Islamic

French Feminist Group: Women Losing Forty Days of Pay

French Feminist Group

According to a feminist group, French women will be effectively working for

Reviewing Some Must-Visit Uncommon Museums in France

France is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its unlimited cultures and attractions spread throughout the country.

First Nude Restaurant Opens in Paris

Ever wanted to dine in the buff?