Macron faces first protests

Street Protest

French labor groups are planning a street protest in opposition to President Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron in Greece

President E. Macron

When it comes to the European Union, Emanuel Macron is seen as the next leader.

Macron VS. The Unions

President E. Macron

Former investment banker and current French president Emmanuel Macron is moving ahead with his plans to reform French pension schemes.

The French President Appoints an Advisory Panel on Africa

President E. Macron

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his interest in prioritizing the continent of Africa

The President of France Announces His Foreign Policy Priorities

President E. Macron

France's recently-elected President, Emmanuel Macron, outlined his administration's foreign policy goals in an address del

The Most Important Reforms In Macron's New Labor Laws

Since his campaign, Emmanuel Macron has promised drastic changes to labor regulations.