President Macron Is Putting His Promised Labor Reforms In Place

President Macron

Donald Trump is not the only politician who makes what some call, “ambitious promises” on the campaign trail. French President Emmanuel Macron did the same thing when he was running for president.

French Roma Woman Sets Eyes on Senate

French Senate

Anina Ciuciu is not your typical candidate for the French Senate.

Emmanuel Macron Adopts a Dog

President E. Macron

Although Emmanuel Macron's poll numbers have suffered a bit recently, there is one French citizen who is always happy to see him.

“The Slump of Macron’s Popularity and its Impacts.”

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, won the presidential elections back in May in a landslide victory. At the time, 62 percent of the voters in the country supported him.

The Majority Of The French People Have Turned Against Macron

President E. Macron

Macron was the popular French candidate that made headlines back during his victory, but now it seems like the country is turning against him.

Macron criticizes Poland

President Macron

President Emmanuel Macron criticized Poland's government during a press conference in the Bulgarian city of Varna on Friday.