Emmanuel Macron Ratings Keeps Dropping

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron was a new face to European Politics when he became the president of France through the En Marche! Party. To make it sweet, he defeated the famous Marine Le Pen.

Emmanuel Macron Overtakes Angela Merkel to become the Top Diplomat in the EU

Germany has for long wanted a stronger partner in France, and now new president Emmanuel Macron has stepped up to fill the shoes.

What’s Wrong with Emanuel Macron?

President E. Macron

100 days have passed since Emanuel Macron became the president of France and he seems to have achieved nothing.

Lacking Adequate Housing, French MPs Sleep in Their Offices

Recently-instated MPs spend increasing time at the National Assembly, creating a housing shortage that causes

Tainted eggs from the Netherlands may have entered France and the UK, according to the European Commission

EU Commission

France24 reports that the French Agriculture Ministry is currently investigating

Brigitte Macron Likely Won't Gain the Distinction of "First Lady"

Brigitte Macron

Although French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to create an authorized First L