More Opposition for Emanuel Macron

President E. Macron

If you are familiar with House of Cards, a Netflix presidential drama, you definitely know Claire Underwood. She is the fictional future first lady of the United States.

Brigitte Macron's Unofficial Position

Brigitte Macron

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron's urged that the roles elected officials' family members play in politics be more transparent.

Emanuel Macron on the Decline

When Emanuel Macron became the President of France, he looked like this genius who had everything figured out.

Proposed Budget Cuts Sink Newly Elected French President Macron's Popularity


President Macron of France has run afoul of a catch-22 that has trapped countless politicians since the days of the Roman Empire.

Emmanuel Macron Popularity Going Down

President E. Macron

Emanuel Macron seems to be losing the popularity he once had when he was elected the President of France.

Emmanuel Macron Unveils His Remarkable Vision to Promote Rapid Economic Changes at the Versailles


President Emmanuel Macron recently grabbed the headlines during the launch of his extraordinary vision before Congress in Versailles.