France: Avaaz Activists Celebrate Election Results, WWII Anniversary


Despite the rain, activists turned out to celebrate France's election results on the morning of May 8. They also sought to mark an important anniversary.

How Mike Baur Ditched a Lucrative Swiss Banking Career to Help Tech Startups

Mike Baur, Swiss Startup Factory Co-Founder and talks about why he left a lucrative Swiss banking career to work with startups instead.

Entrepreneur and businessman Mike Baur has led an impressive and inspiring life. He grew up in a region of Switzerland known as Freiburg.

Finding Deeper Connections Through the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles

Kabbalah has been passed down for centuries as a way to find deeper connections with the universe as well as other people.

End Citizens United on how they're raising $35 million for Midterms from $12 average donations

The Supreme Court changed the rules of political campaigning in 2010, opening up a Pandora's box that allowed billionaires, such as the Koch Brothers, to gain power and influence by providing campa

Adam Milstein Advocating for Jewish People Around the World

You may have head Adam Milstein's name before as a prominent Israeli real estate investor.

UKV PLC's Guide to French Wine

Taking on a subject as deep as French wine can seem like a daunting task.


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Paris and London, two of the most beautiful capital cities in the entire world, intend to tighten their friendship bonds in the wake of the Brexit referendum that is causing the United Kingdom to l

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Jean-Marie Le Pen, one of the founders of the ultra-right political movement that has been taking hold in France over the last few years, believes that his daughter and his party have already accom

A friendly international match in the wake of qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia saw Les Bleus, the National Football Team of France, lose to their Spanish counterparts.

Macron and Le Pen remain front runners in Presidential Elections

The latest opinion polls suggest 25 percent support for Emmanuel Macron and 24 percent support for Marine Le Pen.