After Victory in French Parliament, Macron Moves to Appoint a Cabinet

President E. Macron

The French Parliamentary elections are over.

President Macron’s Parliament Will Change France’s Political Landscape

After the unequivocal majority win of France’s new party, Le Republique en Marche!

Changing the Labor Code Laws in France

President E. Macron

French labor laws have become a contentious issue to the extent of swinging elections. These laws are the ones that made Emanuel Macron the president of France after he promised to reform them.

France Aim for Driverless Trains by 2023

French Train

We've all heard of the driverless car, a modern invention that is geared to revolutionize the efficiency and safety with which we travel.

In France, Emmanuel Macron Won The Battle For Votes Just Like Trump, But The Battle Of Voices Is Still In Progress

President Macron

Emmanuel Macron is the new president of France. His ‘Republic on the Move’ political movement has 308 deputies in the National Assembly.

The 5 Best Wine Routes in France, According to Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineayrd's Top Wine Routes in France

If you enjoy wine, there are many ways to taste a variety of flavors.


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President Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s new cabinet is not only gendered balanced but also contains a mix of both unknown and prominent figures taken across the French political divide.

President E. Macron

In the first three months of 2017, France experienced a hiring surge that saw the employment level rise by a whopping 89,700.


As butter prices surge, French bakers and pastry chefs worry that their beloved, buttery

President Macron

Concerns have emerged in France that the new government under Emmanuel Macron is posing a threat to press freedom.


France ended the football season on a high note after beating England 3-2 in a friendly match played at the Stade De France.