France Will Accept More African Refugees Amidst Crisis

 African Refugees

As the Mediterranean refugee crisis continues to worsen, the French Republic is paying close attention to the reports and assessments issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UN

Emmanuel Macron Speaks about Sexism

President Macron

Emanuel Macron on Saturday announced that his government was sick with sexism.

French President Emmanuel Macron Bids to Boost Influence on a State Visit to Africa

President Macron

The President of France is this week scheduled for a state visit to Africa to boost the flagging of the French influence on the African continent.

French Citizens Are Paying Hefty Fees For Professional Exorcisms

Demand for high-quality exorcists is on the rise all across France.

French News

Castaner New Head of Republic on the Move

Christophe Castaner, a party loyalist and Macron supporter, was elected to head the Republic on the Move party, but not without controversy.


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Royal Marines

Military chiefs from the French armed forces said that they are willing to offer greater access to the Royal Marines to some of their warships.

Senator Nadine Grelet-Certenais from Sarthe

President Macron

President Emmanuel Macron described his air-conditioning quip while on a visit to Burkina Faso as a joke.

President Macron

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron has vowed to make French the most spoken language around the globe.

Human Traffickers

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that he would propose military action against human traffickers in efforts to fight the slave trade of migrants.