France "Stands United" With USA As Darkened Eiffel Tower Remembers Victims Of Las Vegas Mass Murder Shooting

Darkened Eiffel Tower

It's a fitting and most beautiful gesture that seems to be growing in numbers around the world.

Terrorist Attack at Marseille Train Station

Lessons We Can Learn from French and German Elections

Just the other day, Emmanuel Macron was elected as the president of France.

Market America Unfranchise: The Right Attitude Makes Everything

The right attitude plays a large role in your Market America Unfranchise business. Without it, there’s uncertainty and little drive to really get it going.

Photoshopping In France Just Went Public

As of Sunday, in France, any photograph used for commercial purposes that have been photoshopped must state that the photograph has been altered.

Verdict in child sex case draws criticism

sexual abuse

According to, prosecutors have labeled a sexual relatio


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President E. Macron

France President Emmanuel Macron has signed into law a number of decrees aimed at reforming the country's labor laws despite the opposition by unions through street protests.


News about an 11-year-old girl and 28-year-old man having consensual sex made headlines last week in Fran has done an analysis of how and why so many British expats have come to call

Bruno Le Maire

As Britain attempts to soften Brexit's economic blow, its ministers are trying to reduce payments to the European Union.