US Scientists Respond to Emmanuel Macron’s Call and Head to France


Many climate scientists, inclusive of US-based ones, have sent applications to the French government to work in the country.

Innovative Deals and Inspired Leadership Characterize Louis Chenevert

An investment in the latest technology can give a company a competitive edge, and both Louis Chenevert,

Brigitte Macron's Unofficial Position

Brigitte Macron

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron's urged that the roles elected officials' family members play in politics be more transparent.

Paris Will Host the 2024 Olympics

Paris Olympics

With a city like Los Angeles making a serious bid for the 2024 games, competition was fierce. However, Paris persisted—and won. Los Angeles will have to settle for 2028.

Space Invader Mosaics Go Missing

Space Invader

Street artists are well known in Paris, even if their true identities remain a secret.

The Greatest Challenge for Emanuel Macron

President E. Macron

The French labor code is one of the longest books in the country.


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