HSBC Workers at Heart of Swiss Leaked Confidential Information, Wall Street Journal Says

Two HSBC Holdings Plc workers are at the heart of an inquiry into the disclosure of Swiss confidential client information that was caught up in the hands of the French tax powers, the Wall Street J

Cavendish Claims the Trophy in Tour de France

Tour de France

Mark Cavendish led his San Luis Obispo-based Team HTC-Columbia to triumph at Thursday’s fifth phase of the Tour de France, giving an illustration of the powerful sprint form, that made him a streng

French Stocks: Alcatel, BNP Paribas, Renault, Total, Faurecia Correct the Market

French Stocks: Alcatel, BNP Paribas, Renault, Total, Faurecia Corrects the Marke

There is a list of companies; the shares of those were among the most active in France today.

Lagarde Proposes To Make Taxes Fairer

Lagarde Proposes To Make Taxes Fairer

On Thursday, many suggestions were given by the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, so that the taxes levied by the French banks on the retail clients are more reasonable and clear.

The Head Spinning 'Wild Grass'

The Head Spinning ‘Wild Grass

Despite several adjustment problems faced by the viewers watching Alain Resnais’ new film, the veteran Director clearly seems to have fun with cinematic language.

A Second Nuclear Plant by New Brunswick

A Second Nuclear Plant by New Brunswick

Under an agreement signed with French nuclear giant Areva, the New Brunswick is ogling at the prospect of building a second nuclear reactor.


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Emmanuel Macro recently said that he wants France to be a country of innovators and launched a program to award researchers and entrepreneurs with a visa to France.

President Macron

Following up on an unprecedented press release by the Élysée Presidential palace, this week's announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron of a new website may seem like a taunt toward United S

French President Macron

The French people are used to the presidential rhythm. The rhythm consists of optimism that comes with every presidency where the president promises to transform the economy.

President Macron

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron said that the UK was still eligible to stay in the European Union despite plans to exit.

President E. Macron

At 39 years of age, Emmanuel Macron is the bold, brazen leader of a new political party—En Marche—and the new president of France.