Court Orders Macron to Provide Water for Calais Refugees


The Conseil d’État ruled that authorities cannot refuse food, water, and facilities to refugees in Calais, ruling that current restrictions on food and water for migrants are inhumane.

France Most Visited Country in World

Saint Tropez

According to the United Nation’s World Tourisms Organisation, France remained the most visited country on ea

Macron Wins Push for Loose Labor Laws

The upper legislative house approved President Macron's labor reforms, which will be enacted in September. Opposition already promises to stage protests that month.

New Life for Neymar Jr. in France


Interesting things are happening in France this week. Neymar is set to leave Barcelona for a fee of 198 million pounds. By the time Neymar joins Paris St.

Archaeologists Unearth Roman Relics


Approximately 30 kilometers south of Lyon, in the town of Vienne, archaeologists have discovered remains of an elaborate home, a school, a marketplace and workshops.

French President Emmanuel Macron Spearheads the Fight against Conflicts of Interests and Nepotism in the Country

President E. Macron

Recently, President Emmanuel Macron made an effort to live up to his promise of restoring the public’s faith in the country’s politicians.


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