FCC filing reveals non-removable battery of Nintendo Switch console

FCC filing reveals non-removable battery of Nintendo Switch console

A new filing at the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed that Nintendo’s much-touted forthcoming console – the Nintendo Switch – will probably ship with a non-removable battery.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch is the next-generation gaming console which will be launched by Nintendo most likely in March 2017. The Switch console, according to reports and rumors, will be more powerful than Nintendo’s Wii U console.

The recently-emerged official FCC filing implies that Nintendo will not be able to release an easy-to-install high-capacity battery pack – similar to the one released for the Wii U gamepad – to boost the runtime of the Nintendo Switch console’s battery.

As such, with the non-removable battery of the Nintendo Switch console leaving no scope for the installation of a high-capacity battery pack, the users of the console will seemingly be stuck with the battery life which the console has at launch, and will not be able to upgrade it.

Meanwhile, so far as the technicalities are concerned, the FCC reviewed a Nintendo Switch production prototype which was evidently designed to be equivalent to the console’s mass-produced model. However, it is quite possible that final product may tweaked by Nintendo to include a removable battery.

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