George Soros raises war for dope

George Soros, the billionaire British agent has decided to target Australian children in his war for drugs. To further his plans he has sent Ethan Nadelmann his legalization point man there to implement his plans for bringing about changes in Australian drug laws which is a precedent for legalizing dope in the US.

Concerned parents in Australia who want to do all they can to prevent their children from the harmful world of drugs will be shocked today when Nadelmann gets a national audience at the National Press Club in Canberra-sponsored by the National Australia Bank.

Earlier in the year 2002 Robert Sharpe who was the Drug Policy Alliance spokesman for Washington accepted that their plan was to use Australia like a stalking horse for the purpose of legalizing drugs in the US.

The drug legalization plan is always targeted at devastating the functionality and sovereignty of the nation-states by way of destroying the power to think of the people.

Soros is solely responsible for the drug epidemic among the youth in Australia.

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