Number of flights from Paris to be reduced due to bad weather conditions

Number of flights from Paris to be reduced due to bad weather conditions

The French civilian aviation authority has said that the number of flights will be reduced in the month of December. As per the officers, the weather condition is not very sound and heavy snow fall has made the case worsen. It has also been apprehended that new snowfall and freezing rain can spoil the festive season of Christmas at Paris.

They have also added that there may be very few flight departures from Parisian airports.

As per the recent statement released from the authorities, the local weather services have predicted that there may be more snow fall in next few days. They have asked the airports of the country to reduce the number of flights. The number of flights may go down by 15% by Wednesday and 20% by the coming Thursday.

At Roissy airport, the number of flights may be reduced up to 20% due to this prediction of snowfall. The French civilian aviation authorities have also said that the situation will be clearer as and when the forecast will be more precise.

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