Weight Loss Surgeries can Pose Risk to Health, Says Study

Weight Loss Surgeries can Pose Risk to Health, Says Study

A recent study has unveiled the pitfalls of having a weight loss surgery. As per the reports, the researchers have identified some major flaws in the surgical operations performed on obese like gastric band surgery and gastric bypass surgery.

After probing the medical reports of many patients, the team claimed that 39% of the patients who went through gastric band surgery were suffering from major complications and another 22% were identified with minor problems.

The team claimed that gastric band surgery, allows patients to wrap inflatable band around the top of their stomach with the help of a microscopic surgery. The team observed that silicon band inhibits the movement of stomach and hence causes severe pain.

Contrary to the claims made by the team, many patients have reported significant weight loss after the surgery and refuted any major complication.

Moreover, the team has asserted that another obese surgery, gastric bypass surgery, can also make uncomfortable changes in the shape of the stomach.

On one side, the study is capturing the attention of many obese people who are hoping to get some benefit from the weight loss surgery; a surgical weight loss program at North Cypress Medical Center is pulling people around the world to offer their services.

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