Apple to Launch Next Generation iPhone with Unibody Frames

Apple to Launch Next Generation iPhone with Unibody Frames

A recent report has revealed that Apple will be launching its next iPhone range that will feature a single piece of aluminum, an engineering breakthrough that replaced many parts with just one.

It has been unveiled that the sets will be having unibody frames, similar to the company’s MacBook Pro version which was even a single unibody.

Apart from this, the next generation iPhone will be having a larger screen, about 4 inches. Moreover, it will be assisted by the same high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, that ipad has been dubbed with.

Analyst Brian J. White With Topeka Capital Markets Said, “In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a unibody case”.

The indications regarding the unibody concept reared up last year when after a third-party sellers, started manufacturing cases for the model.

However, White has emphasized that the iPhone which is to be launched by this December 2012, will surely be somewhat extraordinary. He is expecting that this new launch will push the Apple stock near to the Topeka’s $1,001 price target.

Apart from the iPhone, the company will also be launching a television, which is expected to further, raise the price of the stocks beyond the target.

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