Coalition Plans Cleanest Locomotive Travel

Coalition Plans Cleanest Locomotive Travel

An argument has been going on between the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment (IonE) and the nonprofit Sustainable Rail International (SRI), says a new report, on whether or not a new restored steam locomotive would be a cleaner travel mode.

It has been found that the coalition of the two groups, dubbed Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR), has been planning a biofuel powered, carbon-neutral locomotive.

The project dubbed CSR Project 130 is aimed at creating the cleanest locomotive as well as at proving itself to be the most powerful one. However, high speed rail (HSR) is also a cleaner train option, its costs and infrastructure but makes it an unfavourable option. Also, regular diesel electrics are not much beneficial.

The team believes that using torrefied biomass (biocoal), which is obtained by "an energy-efficient processing” of cellulosic biomass, would be extremely beneficial. It says that biocoal unlike regular coal is carbon neutral. Also, it does not contain any heavy metals and produces less ash and smoke.

SRI President Davidson Ward says, "This project presents a novel approach to U. S. locomotive development, looking to technologies of the past to inspire solutions for today's sustainability challenges".

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