Obama Administration under Attack by Federal Government

Obama Administration under Attack by Federal Government

Recently, the Federal Government attacked the administration of Obama. The disappearance of seals encouraged the Federal Government to launch an attack on Obama administration.

While filing a case against the National Marine Fisheries Service in the US District Court in Anchorage, the Center for Biological Diversity said that the listing of ringed seals was delayed deliberately. The seals are found in the water of northern Alaska.

In 2010, the Biological Diversity asked the authorities to list the seals as they were endangered because of the ongoing climate changes. The National Marine Fisheries Service was given a deadline for listing the seals. This enraged the officers of Biological Diversity.

While filing a lawsuit, the Biological Diversity said, “Global warming will impact ringed and bearded seals directly by degrading and eliminating critical sea-ice habitat, which will have devastating consequences by reducing adult reproductive success and the survival of pups and impairing their ability to molt”.

Ringed seals and beard seals are said to be endangered species because of the greenhouse effect. In 2008, polar bears were listed as endangered species. Both polar bears and seals rely on Arctic ice for hunting and prying. A trial over the case will soon take place.

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