Statin Use Linked to More Diabetes in Women: Study

Statin Use Linked to More Diabetes in Women: Study

Making an immensely strange disclosure, a recently concluded study, which was carried out by researchers from the Worcester-based University of Massachusetts Medical School, has claimed that the majority of cholesterol- lowering medicines, best known as statins, may actually be associated with a highly elevated threat of diabetes among middle-aged women.

The U. S. study however added that the advantages of the medicines still proffer enough to inspire the use of such medicines as they are fairly helpful for people at risk.

The study, which has been made available in the Archives of Internal Medicine, ended up discovering the fact that among a large number of women who reported taking any sort of statin during the initial phase of the six- to seven
-year long research were more than 50% more expected to be confirmed positive for diabetes as compared to those who were not using any sort of statin drugs.

While expressing his opinion regarding the findings of the study, the lead researcher from University of Massachusetts Medical School, Yunsheng Ma, said: “Statin medication use in postmenopausal women is associated with an increased risk for diabetes mellitus”.

During the course of study, the group employed data from Women's Health Initiative, counting in excess of 150,000 diabetes-free women aged in their 50s, 60s and 70s as well.

During the course of the extensive trial, some of the participants were given dietary changes or were provided with daily hormone vitamins or therapy, while some of the women were not told to make any sort of changes in their lifestyle or diet.

In this regard, a metabolism and diabetes researcher from the University of Glasgow, Naveed Sattar, said that many studies conducted in the past, mostly focusing on men, have recommended a comparatively smaller, around
10 to 12%, rise in diabetes among people using statins.

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