Space Images Released by NASA

Space Images Released by NASA

Making an immensely significant disclosure, a research mission being carried out by NASA has revealed that an elephantine solar storm taking place on the Sun coupled with the torrent caused by charged plasma elements that it allowed to run free on the Earth is the foremost reason behind the state of anxiousness prevailing for airlines. However, the mission instigated by officials from NASA has assured that a vital reinforcement will be there before long.

Earlier on Sunday night, the troubles kick started all of a sudden when some radiations impinged on the Earth over the course of time after a massive detonation took place on the surface of the Sun. While briefing the situation on Wednesday, an official from NASA, Antti Pulkkinen, informed that increase in space radiation tend to have a direct influence on polar flights.

As a result, Delta was forced to reroute eight of its transpolar flights, while Air Canada and Qantas had no other known alternative except shifting the route of many flights because of the solar flash. The flights that had to be diverted mainly included those between Midwest cities like Detroit and various Asian hubs.

While expressing his opinion regarding the present scenario and the attempts being made by NASA to make a firm grip on the troubles at hand, an associate professor at the Catholic University of America, Pulkkinen said that the energetic charged particles which generally tend to formulate space radiation have a greater inclination towards funneling the Polar Regions.

At the moment of funneling of the particles into Polar Regions, they characteristically strike molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, thereby resulting in causing the phenomena termed as "ionization". He further revealed that additional ionization has a strong tendency of degrading high-frequency radio, which is used by airlines for the purpose of communicating in the region.

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