Excessive Salt Causing Premature Deaths

Excessive Salt Causing Premature Deaths

Studies have found that about half-million Americans are dying premature deaths in past ten years. The reason behind such findings is the higher amount of sodium contents in their diets.

Studies suggested that if the salt content is slowly reduced to an amount of 2,200 milligrams a day, it will account for a 40% drop from the present state. The study got published in the American Journal Hypertension on Tuesday. The results of the studies are the efforts of three separate teams who analyzed the matter on the request of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Different estimates were made by all the three teams that included the researchers from UC San Francisco, Harvard University's School of Public Health and Simon Fraser University in Canada. Though having individual estimates, the conclusion of all three teams were the same.

If the sodium intake of an average American is dropped to 1,500 milligrams per day, the result will help in preventing 1.2 million premature deaths. This is also said to be an ideal level of sodium intake.

The current daily consumption of sodium by an American is said to be of about 3,600 milligram. This amount is referred to be 40% more than the `slightly less ambitious" interim goal assigned by the researchers. The researchers call for the measures to be taken in order to reduce the sodium intake.

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