Robotic Bat Wing Now in University Lab

Robotic Bat Wing Now in University Lab

A panel of researchers at the Brown University has created a robotic bat wing in its new experiment. It has been found that the wing flailing in the university lab helped the team to calculate the energy that is demanded by the execution of wing movements.

As per the findings, the robotic wing's design is inspired from the lesser dog-faced fruit bat along with flaps. Also, the same has been attached to instruments, with which the forces generated by different joints could be measured.

It has been told that the study of wing motion in live bats is not easy. The reason behind the same is that several parameters are changed by bats at once depending upon their wish to fly slower or faster. Also, it depends if they want to turn one way or the other.

A robotic bat wing was the only solution, according to researchers, to the same. Since, it could be systematically controlled for the motion parameters. The new development has raised hopes for a completely new invention of mini flapping planes that could be deployed on investigation missions.

"A lot of my interest in bat flight is in understanding how they fly and in particular how their wing motion influences their aerodynamic force generation", affirmed the university's graduate student, Joseph Bahlman.

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