Robot Yeti Helps Researchers in Polar Areas

Robot Yeti Helps Researchers in Polar Areas

Researchers being funded by the National Science Foundation have recently started to take help of a self-guided robot named Yeti for exploring the Arctic and Antarctic area. This robot helps in identifying the crevasses that are hidden in the thick layers of ice. This robot spots these crevasses by using ground penetrating radar.

Crevasses are very dangerous that are of size of up to 30 feet in width and about 200 feet deep. Before the robot, the researchers used to take the help of a vehicle that would have a radar unit to spot these crevasses. This exercise was very tough and stressful for the researchers.

Robot Yeti is powered by a 180 pounds battery, and has a four wheel drive vehicle and a GPS Device to locate the problematic spots under ice. This can work successfully even in low temperatures of -20 Fahrenheit.

"Polar exploration is not unlike space missions; we put people into the field where it is expensive and it is dangerous to do science", said James Lever, from the US Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).

The use of robot will undoubtedly make the research operations more efficient and successful in these cold areas. However, this is very expensive and money involving method.

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