Scientists work on Advancement of “Terradynamics”

Scientists work on Advancement of “Terradynamics”

A group of researchers have been working to move ahead in the field of "terradynamics". A study that shows how small legged robots tread and interact with sand and other granular materials has been conducted by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Daniel Goldman, a professor in the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the team aims to improve legged robots working in a variety of environments like space explorations or search-and-rescue missions.

According to Goldman, "We are at the beginning of tools that will allow us to do the design and simulation of legged robots to not only predicts their performance, but also to optimize designs and allow us to create new concepts".

He mentioned that the robots finally require legs to move on such surfaces. Currently, the Mars Curiosity rover moves with the help of wheels to move through sand and rocky topography on the Red Planet.

Georgia Tech scientists have studied easier way to explain the motion of legged robots on granular surfaces. They believe that the field of terradynamics is on its way to advancement.

They've used a 3-D printer to devise the legs of a small legged robot in different shapes and observed how varying configurations affect the speed of robots.

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