Soy has no Impact in Curbing PSA Rise in Prostate Cancer

Soy has no Impact in Curbing PSA Rise in Prostate Cancer

There has been negative result for soy supplementation. According to a recent study, there is no impact of Soy supplementation on the risk of biochemical (PSA) recurrence after radical prostatectomy in case of high-risk patients.

According to one of the researchers, "The lack of protective activity of soy against prostate cancer recurrence observed in this study was limited to men at above-average risk of recurrence within the first 2 years after surgery and to the soy protein dose tested".

Maarten C. Bosland, DVSc, PhD, of the University of Illinois at Chicago has led the study. The observations of the study have been included in an online journal in JAMA.

The researchers have said that irrespective of the fact that there has been negative result for the test; the study is only for a specific population. According to them, the observations cannot be generalized.

The ones who are at average risk cannot consider the findings of the study. Even Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, of Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte has stated that there have been gaps in the experiment. The reason behind the same is that there have been restrictions and limitations for the study.

The study will witness more experiments to understand the impact of soy.

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