Another Asteroid will Pass Earth on Monday Night

Another Asteroid will Pass Earth on Monday Night

Scientists are confirming another close approach to our planet by an asteroid. Near-earth asteroid 2003 DZ15 will pass Earth on Monday night, experts said.

In their recent statements, space scientists have confirmed that on Monday, the 152 metre asteroid 2003 DZ15 will make a very close pass by our planet Earth. They explained that the asteroid is huge but comparatively smaller than the one which flew by earth last month.

For the past few months, many asteroid passing by episodes are occurring but scientists say there is nothing to worry much because the asteroids are passing by a very huge distance. The asteroid 2003 DZ15 will pass by our planet earth on Monday at a distance of more than 3.5 million kilometres.

According to a report of the experts, Monday will see the closest approach of 2003 DZ15 to our planet. The pass by will occur at 00:37 UT July 30th, or 8:37 PM EDT the evening of Monday, July 29th. The asteroid will reach about only +14th magnitude thus experts see more chances of it being out of range to all.

In context to same, legendary science educator Mr. Bill Nye has explained in a new video from popular YouTube channel AsapScience about several strategies that can help stop an asteroid from hitting earth.

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