Speculations over Medieval Ring found in Bulgaria

Speculations over Medieval Ring found in Bulgaria

Recent updates from archaeologists have opened up the lid for a ring with a very small cavity. According to them, this cavity could have concealed poison for political murders in medieval Bulgaria.

This ring is 600 years old and is made of bronze ring. It was found during excavations at the ruins of Cape Kailakra. This is a place where aristocrats of the Dobrudja region resided during 14th century.

According to the local officials, more than 30 other pieces of jewelry have been discovered by the. This covers gold ornaments, gold rings and pearl earrings. But the recently discovered ring created some questions about being a poison weapon.

It has been fleshed out that the ring is beautifully made and intentionally hollowed out. According to them, it could have been imported from Italy or Spain.

These facts were provided by the dig leader Bonnie Petrunova, deputy director of Bulgaria's National Archaeology Museum. It is expected that the hole would have helped its wearer to stealthily pour poison into a glass with the flick of his finger.

Local officials said, "This explains many of the unexplained deaths among nobles and aristocrats close to Dobrotitsa".

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