Scientists Believe Underwater Cliff Might Hold Clues for Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists Believe Underwater Cliff Might Hold Clues for Dinosaur Extinction

A new report states that scientists have found a dramatic undersea cliff which, they believe, holds some evidence for the extinction of dinosaurs. They believe this cliff found in the southern Gulf of Mexico holds some clues to the ancient cosmic collision that was responsible for death of dinosaurs.

About eight months ago, scientists form the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) has explored the cliff aboard the research vessel Falkor. Scientists used the multi-beam sonars to create detail map of the cliff, which have been incorporated into Google Maps and Google Earth.

A devastating asteroid or comet impact took place about 65 million years ago in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Scientists said they have been interested in their research also because of the comet impact that occurred at a nearby pace.

Researchers believe the comet crash sparked firestorms and sun-blocking dust clouds, which led to the extinction of dinosaurs globally. This has led to the extinction of 150 million-year reign on earth. The comet explosion left a crater behind, the Chicxulub crater, which is currently buried deep inside the Yucatan Peninsula.

After being through continuous research, researchers have been able to access impact deposits at the site and did this by drilling deep boreholes on the peninsula. Some researchers still believe there may be more impact deposits exposed underwater along the Campeche Escarpment.

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