Graphene Suitable for Exotic Use Such As Quantum Computing: Study

Graphene Suitable for Exotic Use Such As Quantum Computing: Study

Researchers have been endeavoring to figure out new possibilities for the wonder material, graphene. Now, a new research at MIT has come up with findings to suggest that the two-dimensional lattice of pure carbon has an additional potential.

Researches tried to uncover unexpected features that emerge under some extreme conditions. These features are actually capable of making graphene apt for exotic uses like quantum computing.

Researchers were happy after they discovered that under an extremely powerful magnetic field and at extremely low temperature, electrons can be effectively filtered by graphene. What makes it unique is the ability to filter the electrons according to the direction of their spin, which cannot be done by using any conventional electronic system.

Findings of the new study have been published in the journal Nature. Young, a Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellow in MIT's physics department and the paper's lead author, said that they have achieved a feat by creating an unusual kind of conductor along the edge.

He added, "The segregation of electrons according to spin is "a normal feature of topological insulators, but graphene is not normally a topological insulator. We're getting the same effect in a very different material system".

It was said by Jarillo-Herrero, Mitsui Career Development Associate Professor of Physics at MIT, that the behavior seen in these graphene flakes was predicted but was never proved.

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