AT&T discloses a security breach in its customers' personal accounts

AT&T discloses a security breach in its customers' personal accounts

AT&T has dispatched emails to its customers to notify them of a security breach in its system which has compromised the personal data of hundreds of customers. AT&T has revealed that the hack was carried out in April, by the company's own employees.

AT&T's notification of the security breach to the customers comes in accordance with the California law which requires companies to inform their customers of any loss of user data resulting from a malicious attack.

Reporting that the security breach took place between April 9 and April 21, 2014, AT&T told its customers in the notification emails that the personal information comprised in the breach included birth dates andSocial Security numbers.

In its email to customers affected by the security breach, AT&T said: "AT&T believes the employees from an outside service vendor accessed your account as part of an effort to request codes from AT&T that are used to 'unlock' AT&T mobile phones in the secondary mobile market."

The carrier has apologized for the security breach, and has announced one year of free credit monitoring to customers.

Despite the fact that AT&T has not officially divulged the number of customers affected in the security breach, some media reports have estimated that the number is apparently more than 500 people.

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