Samsung to unveil ‘Gear Solo’ smartwatch with communication function

Samsung to unveil ‘Gear Solo’ smartwatch with communication function

Bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung is apparently set to introduce its new 'Gear Solo' smartwatch with communication function.

The unveiling of the 'Gear Solo' smartwatch by Samsung will mark a notable technological advance by the company, especially since its currently available wearable smartwatches - such as the Galaxy Gear - do not have their own communication functions. These devices have to be attached to a smartphone for making calls or exchanging text messages and e-mails.

With the new Gear Solo smartwatch, Samsung's strategy is apparently to gain a leading edge over rivals from whom it is facing escalating competition in the low-priced smartphone and feature phone markets in China and India.

The unveiling of the Gear Solo smartwatch by Samsung is scheduled to come weeks ahead of the expected launch of new premium smart devices by companies like Apple and LG, most likely in September.

Meanwhile, with Samsung's earnings reports for the 2014 second quarter showing an alarming plunge in revenues, the company - admitting that the 2014 second-half will be "a challenge" - said: "Samsung expects to see its sales of mobile devices increase with the rollout of flagship products and new models, but profitability may suffer due to a heated race over price and product specifications."

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