OS X Yosemite will have More Powerful Spotlight Search

OS X Yosemite will have More Powerful Spotlight Search

Nearly a month ago, Apple released its first-ever public OS X beta for its upcoming Yosemite (10.10). The, preview version of the landmark OS is available to both developers and the large number of Mac owners, thanks to the public beta being open. However, OS X Yosemite won't be officially released until this fall.

A new built has been followed up by Apple and it closely matches with the Developer Beta 6 release that came out earlier this week. The company highly recommends all the Beta 1 users to update. No changelog has been provided by Apple, so only by installing the version, one will get to know about the new updates. Although, it is expected that most of the changes will reduce down to mere bug fixes.

Apple's system wide search, Spotlight, more or less felt like a secondary, behind-the-scenes tool of the previous versions of OS X. In OS X Yosemite this has grown into a key feature. Earlier, the Spotlight search field use to pop up in the upper right with a simple command-spacebar press. This no more will happen as the new update will witness a much larger Spotlight search bar with the cursor blinking before the words "Spotlight Search".

This new Spotlight Search will be a much more powerful search tool than what the previous versions of OS X had, thanks to the much larger and wider pool it can source answers from. Spotlight can now turn up results from the installed apps, Mail, Messages, your calendar, saved files, images, folders, your bookmarks and web history, dictionary, and even the web (through Bing), Maps, the App Store, and iTunes Store.

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