Around 2.2 Million Bean Bag Chairs Recalled

Around 2.2 Million Bean Bag Chairs Recalled

Two deaths have taken place because of faulty zip on bean bag chairs, made by Ace Bayou Corp. The tragic incidents have led to the recall of around 2.2 million bean bag chairs. The recalled bean bag chairs were sold at Bon-Ton, Wayfair, Pamida, School Specialty and Walmart stores and online as well.

On Friday, U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that zippers on the chair can open. Ian Welton, 13, from McKinney, and 3-year-old girl from Lexington, Kentucky, became victims of the faulty zip.

They were found dead inside the chairs. Lack of air caused suffocation and they also inhaled foam beads of the chair, which caused their deaths. Ian died on October 2, 2011, told his mother, Rebecca Bisson. He used to study at Frisco ISD's Roach Middle School.

Bisson shared that her son was using bean bag chair for past many years. He used the chair for reading books and sat on it while playing video games in his bedroom. Even Bisson does not know how Ian ended up into the foam-filled chair.

Ian's mother thinks that he must be playing hide-and-seek with his sister or he might be curious to know what was present inside his bean bag chair. It is not that he was not smart enough to understand things, affirmed Bisson and further stated that he was a very intelligent boy and used to come first in his class.

Bean bag chairs were sold online on stores like Wal-Mart. They could be availed between $30 and $100. The CPSC has suggested that people who have bean bag chairs should check the zipper and if the zipper opens then they should keep it away from the reach of children.

Ace Bayou based in New Orleans is offering a free repair kit that will avoid zippers from opening. The kits can be ordered online.

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