Apple to replace some iPhone 5 batteries for free

Apple to replace some iPhone 5 batteries for free

Technology giant Apple has revealed in a recent statement that it will replace the batteries of some iPhone 5 units for free. The statement by Apple comes against the backdrop of the fact that a 'very small percentage' of iPhone 5 users have been reporting battery issues with their handsets.

Due to the reported battery issues, iPhone 5 owners who have handsets with a defective battery have been complaining about a shorter battery life of their handsets. In addition, they have also reported that the faulty battery requires frequent charging.

According to reports, the faulty batteries have been reported for iPhone 5 units which were sold between September 2012 - when the iPhone 5 model was originally launched - and January 2013. The battery-issue affected iPhone 5 handsets also fall within a limited serial number range. The defective batteries of these iPhone 5 units will be replaced for free by Apple.

With regard to the battery problem affecting some iPhones 5 units and the free battery replacement, a 9to5Mac report has recently noted: "Apple has opened up an iPhone 5 battery replacement program after discovering that a "very small percentage" of units "may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently."

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