Students to Conduct an Experiment on International Space Station

Students to Conduct an Experiment on International Space Station

Science students got a chance to conduct an experiment on the International Space Station. To grab the opportunity, science students of Monument School, Seneca Elementary, Grant Union Junior-Senior High School and Humbolt Elementary will take part in the competition.

There will be 20 nationally selected students in one Grant County Experiment, which will be conducted during satellite's six-week orbit next spring.

Oregon Communities Foundation has given grants of $18,500. Apart from that, grants of $3,000 Grant School District No. 3 and $1,000 from OTEC have enabled the science students of different schools to participate in national Student Space Flight Experiments Program's project.

The project is going to start in mid-September. The participants will attend science classes. They will learn about forces and motion. They will be divided into teams and design research proposals for microgravity experiments. A group of local scientists will select three research proposals designed by participants to submit to national selection committee. After that, the committee will choose one proposal for spring 2015 spaceflight.

The science students will also enroll in a mission patch design competition. One Grant County patch will be selected to ride along on the spaceflight.

Coordinator for the Student Space Flight Experiments Program project, Sonna Smith, said, "Gravity affects every biological, chemical, and physical system we encounter each day. The research the students do could be the first of its kind done microgravity. The data could be used in all areas of science".

Microgravity experiment consists of a mix stick that will contain three separate fluids. To start the experiment, astronauts in space will mix the fluids of sticks by breaking them. Students will perform the same experiment on earth to compare the results.

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