Apple appoints its first Chief Design Officer

Apple appoints its first Chief Design Officer

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. has promoted Jony Ive to the post of Chief Design Officer (CDO). Ive, the iPhone-maker's first CDO, is expected to play key role in designing the company's products, software as well as retail stores.

Apple's design aesthetics may gear up for a facelift as the company named its first 'chief design officer'. A summer surprise left Apple's Jony Ive spellbound for he has been promoted to the post of Chief Design Officer of the company and would now play a major role in designing Apple's products, software and retail stores.

Ive along with Apple chief executive, Tim Cook have been toiling hard since Job's death to prove Apple's mettle in producing groundbreaking technology. One of the leading thinkers at Apple, Ive has been credited of designing stylish gadgets that have a distinctive, sleek and minimalist look.

An Apple executive stated that since just running the daily operations of the company's hardware and software design teams would not enable an optimal use of Ive's talents, so Apple will split the two teams and Ive will delegate the responsibility for each team to trusted deputies.

It was informed that Alan Dye will lead the user interface team and Richard Howarth will handle hardware design. This way while overseeing the design on both teams Ive will also be able to travel more and apply his thinking to products other than iDevices.

It was also reported that Ive might dedicate more time for designing the company's retail stores and the new headquarters.

However, occasionally Ive's moves in the post-Jobs era has been criticized by the Apple fans who recently mocked at the bright florescent colours that this designer adapted for iOS.

All three, Ive, Dye and Howarth will assume their new duties from July. The role shift was taken a bit unfavourably, sending Apple's shares down more than 1% in mid-morning trading to $130.59 per share.

With great powers, comes great responsibility. So as Ive embraces the new role, he would be under more pressure to manage both hardware and software and live to the expectations of millions of Apple followers.

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