Study shows air pollution claimed 9,500 lives in London

Study shows air pollution claimed 9,500 lives in London

According to a new study, air pollution claimed the lives of almost 9,500 people in London during the year 2010.

Researchers said that air pollution caused the early deaths of almost 9,500 people in London in 2010. The study shows that the extent of the problem is greater than earlier expected. The research by researchers at the King's College London determined the impacts of nitrogen dioxide for the first time. Researchers said that nitrogen dioxide, which comes from sources including exhaust fumes and other burning of fossil fuels, are affecting the health of the population in the British capital.

The study showed that there were 3,537 premature deaths due to particles called particulate matterand 5,879 early deaths in the capital due to nitrogen dioxide, taking the total to 9,416 during the year. The study also showed that the costs of the air pollution are estimated to be as high as £3.7 billion. The researches also said that particulate matter led to the loss of 52,630 years of life among Londoners because of premature deaths, and NO2 led to 88,113 years of life lost.

The King's College study's lead author, Dr Heather Walton, said "It does suggest that concentrating on local measures directed at traffic pollution is more important than we thought before."

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