Tesla reports quarter-on-quarter decline in vehicle shipments in 2016 Q2

Tesla reports quarter-on-quarter decline in vehicle shipments in 2016 Q2

In a Sunday announcement, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said that it shipped a fewer number of vehicles to customers during the April-June 2016 quarter as compared to the January-March 2016 quarter.

The disclosure by Tesla that its vehicle shipments recorded a quarter-on-quarter plunge in the second quarter of 2016 implies that the automaker will apparently missed its targeted shipment of between 80,000 and 90,000 vehicles this year.

According to the second-quarter vehicle shipment figures released by Tesla on Monday, the total number of vehicles shipped by the company during the quarter was 14,370. In comparison to the first-quarter shipment numbers, Tesla shipped 450 fewer vehicles in the second quarter.

About the decline in the shipment of vehicles in the second quarter, Tesla said that the plunge resulted from an "extreme production ramp-up;" and also added that the company is still shipping a number of custom-ordered vehicles.

Tesla further said that it anticipates shipping a total of 50,000 vehicles in the last six months of 2016. The mentioned vehicle-shipment target for the second half of the year would match Tesla’s vehicle deliveries for the whole of 2015. However, the projected number would still not be able to meet the guidance provided by the company in April this year.

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