Marine Le Pen Leads in Fresh Survey Conducted by Le Monde

Marine Le Pen Leads in Fresh Survey Conducted by Le Monde

Marine Le Pen has gained popularity among French voters as per a freshly conducted survey by Le Monde. For the first round of the presidential elections, Marine Le Pen has gained favor of French voters. The Le Monde survey shows Le Pen having support from 25-26 percent of voters compared to Republican candidate Francois Fillon. For the current survey, 15,921 people were interviewed.

During survey conducted in mid-December last year, Fillon was leading with 28 percent support from voters. Le Pen was trailing at 25 percent of support from French voters. Le Pen has claimed that Trump winning the U.S. Presidential Elections has given support to ideas of her party. European leadership is closely watching the French elections.

The first two candidates during the first round of elections will face each other during the second round. The second-round voting will be conducted on May 7.

European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that Le Pen has little chance of winning the presidential elections. Moscovici said, “I’m not worried about Madame Le Pen being president. I don’t want Madame Le Pen in power. Never, ever in my country.”

Le Pen has said that her main aim will be to take France out of European Union. French citizens have expressed concerns over refugee crisis. European leadership failed to deal with refugee crisis and many campaigns against current governments across Europe have gained prominence in the recent months.

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