Why the French Government is Eliminating Civil Servants

Civil Servants

The government announced that it would eliminate many teaching posts in 2019. This came as a shock to many because they did not understand why.

What Is the New Agreement Between France and United Kingdom to Terminate ‘Scallop Wars’?

Scallop Wars

The conflict between the Cornish and French fishermen has raised many concerns. Many talks have been held with an aim to try and solve this conflict.

Emmanuel Macron Tells Unemployed Man Work Is a Street Away

President Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has been chastised for remarking that an unemployed person could

French Ban on School Mobiles Now Goes Into Effect


In observance of a new law prohibiting t

Systematic Torture by France

President Macron

France has agreed for the very first time in history that it conducted torture during the independence war of Algeria in a systematic manner.

President Macron Breaks French Silence on Algerian Torture

President Macron

President Macron Breaks French Silence on Algerian Torture


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The Societe Generale

The Societe Generale in France anticipates that penalties that are related to the dispute with the United States over violations of international sanctions to be about 1.1 billion euros.


All over the world, the plight of the bees has been a growing concern over the past few decades.


While McDonalds is loved by many people around the world, it has been controversial in France.

Scallop Wars

An attack of forty French fishermen by five British boats in the channel is the latest of similar incidents that go back at least 15 years.

The bee population around the world has been dwindling for some time. In some parts of Europe, the bee population has diminished by as much as 90 percent.