New Plan to Help the Homeless in Paris

Homeless in Paris

This February, 1,700 people fanned out across the streets of Paris to count the number of homeless people who were sleeping on the streets.

France To Sue Google and Apple over Business Practices

The French government will soon file lawsuits against

Only Diamonds Will Do And Lime Crime Delivers With Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

Boring makeup is just that, uninteresting, predictable and routine.

New Changes to Wildlife Policy Could Increase France's Struggling Wolf Population

Wildlife Policy

After many years of overkilling the species, wolves are all but extinct in France. Now, however, lawmakers are looking to change that.

President Macron Proposes New Rules For Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment in France is much higher than it is in the United States and some other European countries. Currently, the unemployment rate in France is at 8.9 percent.

French Hospital Battles Anxiety with Toys

Jean Bernard Hospital

Jean Bernard Hospital in Valenciennes, France has begun a groundbreaking program


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Solar Energy

French president Emannuel Macron who is a fervent propeller of green energy claimed that France will give 700 million euros until 2022 for solar energy projects in developing countries.

A Charmoy residenct has recently discovered English text scrawled across the walls of his home.


The region of Calais in northern France is bracing for gridlock chaos as the United Kingdom continues its preparation to execute on the Brexit referendum to leave the European Union.

President Macron

France is the home to more Jewish people than any other country in Europe. Only Israel and the United States have higher Jewish populations.