Macron and Merkel Meet to Solve Problems Facing European Union

President Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this week in an effort to resolve some of the major issues facing the European Union.

Report Suggests French Air Traffic Control Causes 33 Percent Of European Flight Delays

French Air Traffic Control

A new government-backed study reveals that France's air traffic control (ATC) is responsible for

Paris Hostage Situation

Paris Hostage

The French police have managed to rescue about two hostages and made an arrest. They arrested a middle-aged man in the French capital of Paris after the incidence occurred.

Prosecutors Say That No evidence of Any Foul Play in Celebrity Chef’s Death

Anthony Bourdain

French prosecutors have reported that they had not found any form of evidence of any foul play or any event of violence in the demise of the celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

Accusations Mount on Italy as it fails to take in Immigrants off its Coast

international law

France, on Tuesday, scolded Italy for its negligence of hundreds of immigrants off its cost.

Paris Beat London As Top European City For Foreign Investments

President Macron

According to the latest Ernst & Young (E&Y) report


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CNN reports that a million daily smokers have completely quit the habit in 2017.

France’s far right political party has voted to change its name.

Paris Climate Change Agreement

United States President Donald Trump did not have enough time to leave the White House Rose Garden after announcing that Washington was going to leave the Paris climate change agreement.


An astonishing one million Frenchmen and women decided to ditch the hazardous habit of dai


The Health Minister of France recently announced that one million people in France have quit smoking within the past year.