Should soda tax be increased?

Should soda tax be increased?

According to a research in Atlanta, increasing the taxes on soda will reduce the excessive consumption of soft drinks among children, thus preventing obesity.

Roland Sturm studied the information of about 7,300 fifth-graders collected in 2004 national survey.

He analyzed the change in height and weight of children who often drank soft drinks over two years and also examined rate of taxes on drinks in 2004.

Analysis depicted that there was little effect on consumption of soda among children with increased taxes. The highest tax rate was 7 cents on one dollar soda and the average tax was 4 cents.

But if the taxes were increased from 4 to 18 cents, there would have been substantial effect on soda consumption.

Nearly more than 30 states are having 5 cents tax on one dollar of soda besides sales tax on grocery food.

Instead of imposing taxes on soda and soft drinks to reduce obesity among children, more stress should to given on the awareness of exercise, proper dieting and health education to reduce the number of obese.

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