EOS Lip Balm Leaps Ahead of its Competition in 2017

Colorful lip balm spheres by EOS

Beauty products come and go, with brands, colors and formulas shifting constantly. Beauty is big business, but it's still a significant risk, especially when what you're doing is entirely new. Just eight years ago, lip balm was dull and unimaginative. So, how did the upstart company Evolution of Smooth not only break into the market but rise above all the competition to become the second top selling brand, beating out competitors owned by major corporations?

Corporations spend millions on marketing, with every aspect of a product considered from ingredients to packaging to the advertising image. Surely, every product is carefully curated by a team of experts. The truth is that some categories like lip balms are overlooked and taken for granted. In the beginning, EOS was nothing more than a small, innovative company realizing this and determining to make its mark on the cosmetic aisle.

It's not that lip balm isn't a competitive market. There are dozens of brands and flavors, with a significant market share in the cosmetic industry. However, the product design hasn't changed for over 100 years. In 2009, Evolution of Smooth set out to shake up the traditional in favor of a fresh, new face and a striking presence on social media channels like Facebook. The first thing the company did was create a focus group and find out what women really wanted in their balm. As co-founder, Sanjiv Mehra discovered that the old cylinder tubes had numerous problems, from getting lost in bags to too easily rolling off surfaces. He also realized that companies were missing out by not marketing directly to women, who were the largest consumers of lip balm. Instead of the merely functional, modern women wanted fun, imaginative and exciting beauty products. Mehra and his team brainstormed and modeled, and the round orb that EOS is now known for was born.

Breaking In and Taking Over

While Evolution of Smooth knew that their new balls of balm were what consumers wanted, they still had to convince retailers to carry them. Despite the experienced team marketing EOS lip balm, the product wasn't turning heads. Because women were the driving force behind the design, the primarily male buyers were confused. In fact, when EOS finally made its way into Walgreens, it was a female executive who caught on to the vision, placing the egg-shaped orbs on the shelves of its first retail partner. The addition of major accounts like Target and Walmart propelled Evolution of Smooth lip balm to a household name. Today, EOS is sold everywhere from drug stores to gas stations, with millennials as the targeted consumer category.

Sanjiv Mehra and his team didn't skimp on marketing. While traditional strategies like print ads and television commercials were employed, social media and celebrity endorsements became the smartest moves for brand recognition. Beauty bloggers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook received complimentary packages that met with rave reviews. In addition, pop star celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears agreed to product placement spots in their music videos, propelling the orbs ahead of long-established competitors like Chapstick. Today, EOS boasts millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook, with major marketing partners including Disney and Keds.

Smart Product Specs

It's clear that EOS lip balm stands above the competition. Despite being loaded with organic, skin loving ingredients, EOS rests comfortably in the affordable $3 to $4 price range. The product line has at least 20 different flavors at any given time, with new introductions garnering tens of thousands of reviews on Influenster and the company's social media platforms. While EOS lip balm remains the cornerstone product, Evolution of Smooth also produces lotions and shaving cream, as well as specialty lines like the pearlescent Shimmer Smooth Spheres lip balms.

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