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Nancy Salzman's Take on French Healthcare: Changes, Reforms, and Propositions

Throughout the developed world, many countries have enjoyed a stable healthcare arena, relying on several agencies, government factions, political leaders, and the general public to work together in order to maintain a successful healthcare landscape. France's current Socialist approach to healthcare has been proven successful throughout the honeymoon stages of its' inception.



OSI Group's Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion

Spain's OSI Food Solutions added a high-capacity production line to boost its output of chicken products. This plant in Toledo, Spain completed its improvements in 2017 at a cost of 17 million euros. Before the new line was added, the plant had an annual capacity of about 12,000 tons of chicken products. With the improvement in place, that number has doubled.

Improved Production Means More Jobs


Dr. Mark McKenna provides an update on robots in medicine

Robot in China completely performed dental implant surgery

We’ve all used robots in surgery, but here’s a new twist. In China, a robot dentist has installed two dental implants autonomously – with no help from humans. Human doctors were supervising the procedure, but they did not intervene at any point.


Greg Secker and His Ceaseless Search for Perfection in the Forex Market

According to the Forex expert and financial guru Greg Secker, numerous people think they need to have university degrees in mathematics to understand Forex market charts and numbers. People believe they need to possess thorough comprehensions of graphs and have natural abilities to make grandiose calculations while creating intricate trading strategies. In actual fact, thinking the way a trader thinks is the main way to succeed in the Forex market with a good measure of success.

Drain Your Glass, Fill Your Wallet: Making Money With Traveling Vineyard

Making Money With Traveling Vineyard

Wine lovers around the world consume more than 24.7 million liters of their favorite potent potable yearly. People love wine so much that new vineyards seemingly spring up daily to meet the demand. One problem that all wine lovers encounter, though, is deciding what to buy. With all of the new labels constantly appearing in stores, it helps to have a guide -- someone who understands your tastes and can help you select the perfect wine for an occasion or meal. Do you love wine?


Forex Insight from Greg Secker

Financial trading has become a very lucrative enterprise. One can make a lot of money just by knowing when and what to trade. Financial instruments such as currencies, bonds, and shares are traded with the aim of making a profit. Just like in any other market, financial traders are brought together in a marketplace, with rules governing their activities.